Telling the story of your people, your land, your livestock, and your products.



We distinguish your company from the competition. Developing a brand that speaks directly to your consumer.


Our websites reach your target customer in a way that engages them and encourages them to learn more about your product.


Your consumer is on social media.  We share stories about your product and your people that educate and inspire.


Successful graphic design captures the attention of your customer – whether on a business card, your website, or a print ad.


Your livestock is your business.  Quality photography is critical to successful marketing and advertising.


Who is your market and where will they find you? We help develop advertising campaigns that put your company on top of the market.

Telling your story.

We tell the honest story of your people, your land, your livestock, and your products.

Why choose the Livestock Marketing Company?

Kim was not raised on a traditional farm and has never shown a steer.  She did however, grow up in Iowa, and has a lot of friends and family that are active in the cattle and farming industries.  

One of Kim’s strengths is that she is not so ingrained in the day to day, that she loses sight of your consumer.  She is your consumer.

How livestock is raised greatly impacts it’s quality. However, a majority of consumers don’t know where their meat comes from and how that impacts it’s flavor.

There is a growing divide between perception and reality.

Available anywhere.

The Livestock Marketing Co. is based in Iowa and Colorado. Given the digital nature of our work, it is a breeze to work with clients regardless of their location. 

At the same time, building personal relationships with our clients is fundamental to the work we do.


Coming from a strong farming & cattle background in central Iowa, Kim’s family moved to eastern Iowa for her dad to serve as a regional sales manager for MoorMan’s feeds. A role he held for over thirty years.

Despite her background, she chose a slightly different path than traditional agriculture when she went to Iowa State University. Her love of the outdoors and design led her to Landscape Architecture, moving to Denver, Colorado upon graduation to start her career.

After fifteen years of designing and building commercial landscapes, Kim understands the value of knowing your end user. That continues with Kim today as she manages the Livestock Marketing Co. 

“I knew I had skills beyond design, that my industry didn’t necessarily understand, but desperately needed – that is when I decided to stop designing and start marketing.” For the past seven years Kim has done just that.

Oftentimes, marketing overlooks the basic concept of understanding the consumer.  In an industry as essential as meat distribution, there are too many questions that consumers do not have the answers to. We are here to help bridge that gap.